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Premium Videos

Rock Island Media makes "meaningful" videos… not "marketing" videos. We're located in the scenic Pacific Northwest, inspired by bald eagles and the salty ocean. Every client benefits from our honest, straightforward approach, vigorous work ethic, and passion for everything we craft.

Every day, we put over 20 years of experience to the test, partnering with local to worldwide brands - including Nike, Subway, Beachbody Fitness, Hewlett-Packard, HD Radio, and many more. We are personally connected and invested with every client.

Strategy. Production. Post.

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Our Work

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HD Radio

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Can-Am Spyder

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BMW i8

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Bend Transitional

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Orcas Island

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HD Radio

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Our goal is creating videos that get results… but awards are nice too.

2018 Telly Award (Animation)
2018 Telly Award (Promotion)
2018 Telly Award (Travel/Tourism)
2018 Telly Award (Regional Campaign)
2018 Telly Award (Benefit)
2017 GlobalTrends Award
2015 Telly Award (Technology)
2015 Telly Award (Marketing)
2015 Telly Award (Travel/Tourism)
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